The Whitney Houston Biennial: The All Women Biennial


March 19-29, 2017

325 West Broadway, NY



March 19 from 4-8 PM


The Huffington Post:

Documentation of Processes

Woven Flexible Concrete Structures, 2009- Present

These flexible concrete forms were designed between 2009-2013. They originated from a thinly cast, 1/4" thick and 1/2" wide, reinforced concave concrete grid that was suspended from a wood armature (2008-2009). The concaved form took on the feeling of an oversized hammock. I began to imagine variations of the form made of woven concrete and incorporated into architecture.


With the help of engineers and a few folks from the concrete industry I was able to refine the process and gather the materials I need to test the limits of flexible woven concrete.


Thank you:

Textile Concrete Consultants

Dr. Victor Li, University of Michigan

Peter Taylor, National Concrete Pavement Technology Center


(This project was placed on hold during the piloting phase of the outerspace program.)